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Metacognitive Teaching

With the term metacognition it refers to a theoretical approach abundantly used in the psychological and educational.
Metacognition enables us to explore our thoughts, and therefore also to know and to guide our learning processes. It is a process of self-reflection on the phenomenon of knowledge , about what and how we are learning , and what are the reasons that push us to learn that particular notion .
One can therefore conclude that metacognition is a learning tool
by which you make people aware of how they are addressing the cognitive tasks and are taught to effectively manage the processes put in place .
This approach therefore represents a privileged mode to transmit content and strategies , at any age , as it aims to build an open mind.
In general , the application of metacognitive techniques in teaching have focussed attention, memory , reading and writing.
The intelligence is a construct that is unlikely to be blinkered in a precise and universally shared by the many aspects that the term itself covers , and they vary depending on the point of view of the theoretical and from which it is observed and the is measured . In general it can be defined as the ability to reason , learn , solve problems, understand the reality , the ideas and the language in order to direct its behavior in the most adaptive for themselves and for the reality that surrounds us .
It is becoming increasingly clear that not only are born intelligent but above all it becomes during the life cycle of vita.Non is too optimistic to consider the intelligence of a size that can be learned , and be enhanced , even in people who seem to be equipped a minor luggage innate resources or have suffered delays due to noise are organic or traumatic , or have simply lived in a context that was not able to promote the potential present .
Children are certainly very delicate and sensitive to their environment , but in virtue of their being in developing countries have excellent opportunities for learning , recovery and strengthening of the skills necessary to ensure a good quality of life , for themselves and for families who support them.It can learn to be smart since very small and it can be done in several ways : intelligent learning what comes from the teachings in school and in cultural contexts , you can learn to be smart in management of emotions , you can learn to be smart in dealing with others, peers and adults can learn how to be smart against recognizing themselves how best to use our strengths , our capabilities as well as our limitations.All this is possible through a relationship that gives the opportunity to learn and experience how the human mind works (memory , attention , language, reading, writing, arithmetic , and the emotions that color and give meaning to mental acts : joy , fear , sadness , embarrassment , anger , empathy, just to name a few), how our minds work in particular, and how can we become able to adjust our operating in the world , that our intelligence.
The Metacognition is a discipline of cognitive science and psycho-educational concerns awareness, reflection and reasoned use of the way our minds work .
This is not a discipline to only the preserve of scientists and engineers , but a skill that can be developed in the early years of kindergarten and be transferred from adults to children.
Everyone can benefit from them , but remaining within that here we want to promote , they can do the gifted children as well as children with mental retardation or physical disability or various challenges in the school environment (difficulty in reading, writing, calculating , memory , speech and communication of their thoughts and learned contents , method of study inadequate, lack of motivation to study, integration problems with peers , poor relationship with teachers ) , children who experience low self-esteem or are not in able to provide personal autonomy ( to take care of their personal hygiene , their things , to contribute to the small tasks of domestic life ) . The list goes on because intelligence is something that runs through the lives of people , no matter the angle from which you look at it .